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You Should have the right to Gamble Online!

Learn how recent legislation passed by the Federal Government affects your freedom to gamble on the internet as an American.

On Friday the 13th, October President Bush signed the "Safe Port act" Bill.

This was a part of the national security regulations. The bill also included a section that refers to the de-legislation of online gambling which is called the "Unlawful Gambling Act" The act restricts financial institutes, such as banks, to transfer funds from private citizens to online gaming operations (such as online poker rooms or online casinos).

After the bill was signed by President Bush, federal officials received 270 days to work out a way of classifying electronic gambling transactions and stopping Americans from participating in such actions. This means there is still time to both stop the act and enjoy playing safely online.

who are we?

We are a coalition of private citizens who are concerned about our freedom and privacy and have decided to take a stand. We have therefore established "" for 2 reasons:

  • Help American citizens understand their gambling rights and the interference with the American Law.
  • Collect as much support as we can to make a front and fight our way for a free and better future with full legislation of online gambling inside the USA.

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what is going to happen next?

Online players are now concerned about the future and their rights, and many questions are being asked:

  • I'm an American, is it legal for me to gamble online?
  • Will online poker rooms/casinos be accepting American players?
  • Where can I play safely online?
  • What can I do to fight the online gambling ban?
  • I have money left at my online account, can I withdraw it?
  • How can I transfer money to my favorite casino/poker room?

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